Paul Parsons Science in 100 Key Breakthroughs


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Science in 100 Key Breakthroughs Paul Parsons НАУЧНО-ПОПУЛЯРНОЕ. Science in 100 Key Breakthroughs presents a series of clear and concise essays that explain the fundamentals of some of the most exciting and important science concepts you really need to know. Starting with the origins of counting more than 35,000 years ago, Science in 100 Key Breakthroughs tells a rich and fascinating story of discovery, invention, gradual progress and inspired leaps of the imagination. In 100 sections, this book provides an overview of the history of Western science, from astronomy and physics to geology, biology and psychology and everything in between. Many key concepts and discoveries are defined and discussed including: The circumference of the Earth, Chaos theory, Algebra, Relativity, Newtons Principia, Brownian motion, Pi, Wave/particle duality, Germ theory, The computer, X-rays, The double helix, Viruses, The human genome. Paul Parsons profiles the important, ground-breaking, and front-of-mind scientific discoveries that have had a profound influence on our way of life and will grow in importance with our advancing understanding. Readable, informative and thought-provoking, this is the ideal introduction to cutting-edge science and the essential overview for anyone who wants to learn more about these often daunting but increasingly essential subjects.

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