Homemade Ice Cream and Candy


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Homemade Ice Cream and Candy КУЛИНАРИЯ. We have been publishing manuals of this sort for more than twenty years, and with great confidence submit this latest and most complete book to the Mistress of the American Home.The formulas cover the whole field of Plain and Fancy Ices, and contain all that is known about the subject- by following the clear instructions, no one can fail to turn out the most delicious frozen desserts, that will, in these days of cheap competition, prove much more satisfactory than the brick cream which is often made in an unclean basement, by Careless and unwashed employees.In the Candy Department, we have covered the whole range of Home-made Confections, and made the teachings so plain that the most inexperienced will be able to make a tempting array of sweets that will rival the work of trained experts, with but little time and labor and at a small cost.

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