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ПРОГРАММИНГ IPhone Games Projects . The authors provide a variety of points of view and different approaches to iPhone development, showing you how iPhone games are made with various technologies. Автор: PJ CabreraНазвание: iPhone Games ProjectsИздательство: ApressГод: 2009Формат: PDF в RAR+5%Размер: 10.1 МБISBN: 978-1-4302-1969-9Язык: АнглийскийКачество: отличноеThis book contains lots of information from master independent iPhone game developers—information that is hard to find anywhere else. You will gain knowledge of how to optimize your game using iPhone SDK tools such as Instruments and Shark, as well as optimization tricks that the masters have learned through the crucible of experience. If your game is not properly designed, all the technical prowess in the world isnt going to help it be popular. Some of the authors of this book are responsible for all-time popular games:Brian Greenstone developed Enigmo and Cro-Mag Rally.Aaron Fothergill developed Flick Fishing.Mike Lee developed the original Tap Tap Revolution, the most downloaded game in App Store history.This book also features a chapter by award-winning game developer Mike Kasprzak, finalist for Best Mobile Game in the Game Developers Conferences Independent Games Festival Mobile 2009. You will also get invaluable insight into game design, arguably the most important aspect of game creation. Other authors, including Richard Zito, Joachim Bondo, and Olivier Hennessy, have received glowing reviews and accolades for their games.The content in this book is phenomenal.

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