Reza Mahmoudi, Krzysztof Iniewski Low Power Emerging Wireless Technologies


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АППАРАТУРА Low Power Emerging Wireless Technologies Reza Mahmoudi, Krzysztof Iniewski. Although the use of deep submicron CMOS processes allows for an unprecedented degree of scaling in digital circuitry, it complicates the implementation and integration of traditional RF circuits.The requirement for long operating life under limited energy supply also poses severe design constraints, particularly in critical applications in commerce, healthcare, and security. They explore the state of the art in wireless communication for 3G and 4G cellular networks, millimeter-wave applications, wireless sensor networks, and wireless medical technologies. Written for practicing engineers in the wireless communication field who have some experience in integrated circuits, it is also a valuable resource for graduate students. Advanced concepts for wireless communications offer a vision of technology that is embedded in our surroundings and practically invisible, but present whenever required. The emphasis is on low-power wireless applications, RF building blocks for wireless applications, and short-distance and beam steering. Topics covered include new opportunities in body area networks, medical implants, satellite communications, automobile radar detection, and wearable electronics.Exploit the Potential behind Emerging Green Wireless TechnologiesA must for anyone serious about future wireless technologies, this multidisciplinary book discusses the challenges of emerging power-efficient applications! Low Power Emerging Wireless Technologies addresses the crucial scientific and technological challenges for the realization of fully integrated, highly efficient, and cost-effective solutions for emerging wireless applications.Get Insights from the Experts on Wireless Circuit DesignThe book features contributions by top international experts in wireless circuit design representing both industry and academia. These challenges call for innovative design solutions at the circuit and system levels.

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